Tuesday, February 23, 2010

day 10

after had a sweetest goodbye with my sister,
i went to sydney for one nite
those fresh air completely end up my holiday :)
thanks dad!


Monday, February 22, 2010

vers cases nyummyy

tough stuff
full protection! haha
made by wood and bamboo,
not just for ipod touch, also available for iphone!
looks interesting rite? :p

for more detail, you can click here


Sunday, February 21, 2010

they called it ' sunshine coast '

it takes an hour from brisbane to get here :)

arrgghh my holiday has finished!!!!
wish me a big luck yah for this semester! :)

gonna miss you kakiya! take care and goodluck!!
don't eat that pork again hihihi
aah you must see our bedroom now!
hahaha maybe someday i'll capture it,
all of this are mine now! lalalalaaaaa :p


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

holiday oh a holiday

well well well, holidays is comingggggg to town!!!
finally this semester were dissapear!! ALHAMDULILLAH!! hahaha
only 2 weeks but i hope it'll refresh my brain.
hm, tomorrow i'll accompany my sister to her new 'district',
yes, she will continue her study to some nice place that it takes 6 hours from here :'(
so soorryyyy, if i looked like didn't care about your stuff these days,
my final exams really frustrated my brain, but it's over now.
tomorrow we will go to that boom town called BRISBANE! wohooooo!!

till now still can't believe what i'm gonna supposed to do without you,
how about..
if i can't sleep in this our messy room?
if i want to take a silly photobooth with you?
if i need some influence from you to do my assignment ? :p
if i want to have a midnite chat with you while you were smoking ? hihihehehoho
if i want to make the lady gaga's or britney spears's video (our version!! haha) ?
if i want to eat at MEUTIA (aceh's noodle hmmm) ?
if i want to screamed your name to see what i found on tv?
if i still want you to open the door when i came home late?
if i want to ask this :
"mendingan pake sepatu yg ini apa yg ini kak?" hahahhaa
if many many many manyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! aarrghhhhh!!
hhhhhhh we used to do many things, really..

start tomorrow,
have to spend 10 last days with her, hmm (speechless) ;(

take care kakiyaaaaaaa!!!!!!
i know you can, i know this time that you've waited for a long long time, rite? :)
aaahhh gonna miss youuuuuu sisteeerrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
keep contact!!!
update your tmblr!!!
online skype!!!

hmm relax, it's oke fik, just for 1 and a half years, then she'll be back :D
wish me luck for my next semester yaaaahh!
maybe someday, i'll be like you. away from home and do that stuff!
(amiiinyarobbalamin) HAHAHA

and of course, gonna miss this odd creature!! hahahaha
don't forget to add my skype ki! :p

see you in 10 days :'(
i'll be back soon!!! muah!!!
already miss youuuuuuuuuuu!!
take careeeee ekisaurussssss!!!!!!!

uuups i mean ENJOY YOUR HOLIDAY EVERYONE!! hahaa

Monday, February 1, 2010

sains's surprise

we meet again, :) happy birthday put!!
wish you all the best for everything!
you're now 21!! hahaha

visit their blog, hihi putri and cancan,
thanks for the photos. :p

oke, gonna continue my final exam.
3 more dayss fikaaaaa! come on!! hap hop happ!
bye guys!!