Thursday, April 29, 2010


wishing never solved a problem,
if you wanna get it big time, go ahead and get it big time.

nevermind, nevermind, nevermind, nevermind.
oh, give it, give it, give it.
until you just can't give it no more.

can't stop listening this yeasayer's song in my itunes
while i'm doing my midterm. :p
it wasn't me who took those pict, my dad did.
they went to Lake Toba in the middle of my super hectic exam.
i love all the photos, really refreshing my eyes.

btw, you should listen and download all the song of that indie and experimental band. :p


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

smokey eyes

$#^($@G*@B34$#$56 !!

haven't sleep well for this 3 days,


Sunday, April 18, 2010

oracular spectacular or congratulations?

as you can see, the header on my blog was type "oracular spectacular" rite?
this 2 men really inspired me when i made this blog, it was the title of their first album.
yess they are MGMT!
and now, they had released their latests album, it called "congratulations".
so, what do you think? should i change this header? hahaha :p

well folks, i wanna share this video for you, this is their first single,
FLASH DELIRIUM! haha the title remind me of one my project for this midterm zzzz.
but, i love love love this song! really!
you can check on my itunes, the playcount on this song was about 50 something,
i just download this song hm 2 weeks ago hihihihihi.

so come on follow me,
come here, come closer,
sit down, fasten your seatbelt,
first, you must click the "play" button,
make sure the buffering was totally complete,
then carefully watch this spectacuwwwlawwwr attractive video,
hear every absurd words of their lyrics,
see every little thing what andrew vanmyngarden do,
do not click pause before you reach 04:23,


how? cool rite?
i knew it, i knew it! i knew you would like it!!
yeiiyy! give me five! HAHAHA
oke, see you soon folks!
wish me luck for ths midterm!!!


Saturday, April 17, 2010



(my mom made a little party in my house to celebrate it,
which me with all my cousin must bring some gift, then look! she had a lot! :p)

she is 83 now,
and still :
1. take a bath at 6.30 in the morning
2. do the morning walk around my house
3. eat breakfast (plus drink juice & milk) at 9 then took the newspaper
4. stay in her bedroom, watching RCTI, read quran
5. eat lunch (plus drink juice & milk) at 1.30 after zuhur
6. prepare for the afternoon bath at 3 (took the towel)
7. take a bath around 5
8. watching RCTI in her bedroom
9. eat dinner (plus eating anykind of fruit) at 7.30
10. back to bedroom
11. watching RCTI again (another dude herlino's movie)
12. sleep
13. sometimes she woke up in the middle of the nite going to the toilet

everyday she did all these step, and she really enjoyed with her activity :p



Saturday, April 10, 2010


those pictures happened on thursday after finishing dkv's class,
and then we had a non stop shopping and eating day!
ouh we did stop once, we cought by cops! haha
after that, we had a greatest view in monas!!! that's rite, ai dit? HAHA
then, i found amazing black blazer in pasar baru, i'll show you sometimes :p
hm the last but not least, i eat a lot pizzaaaaaaa!! hahahehehoho

these polaroid things came from my phone, another application that made
any photos looks like polaroid, you just captured it, then choose the frame,
then shake it and it will appear like that.
you should try it!


Monday, April 5, 2010


haaii, just back from my little journey with my parents.
like i told you before, i would go to the city which i used to eat a lot of food with them,
actually i'm the driver for this trip,
i drove from jakarta to bandung then the next day, bandung to jakarta, haha
hopefully there's no jam on a free way.
so easier for me to driving while listening the cd that i made last night :p

look, that was my dad,
he is too addicted with his stuff lately (the gadget that we all know what it is)
he captured everything, anytime, anywhere that he saw or he did,
then he put it or upload it on that messanger.
so everyone knows, (???)
even my mom did it too,


Friday, April 2, 2010

more cupcakes!

hello april,
new month and i've got this new application on my phone,
we can make our own cupcakes, and decorate it as cute as we want.
when i try it once, i feel like licked my phone!
hope you don't feel like to eat your computer when i show those picture, :p

today is friday and i have long weekend,
as i promised i would stay at home nicely,
but then my parents asked me to join them going to bandung (again) tomorrow,
hahahahaha okeee momm dadd, i'll be with youuuu :)
i'm sure bandung would be much crowded than before,
well, have fun guys!