Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Playing around with screen printing object

exploring my pattern! it's really fun!! :)

this is the original image that i posted in my instagram..
(took this photo while i'm doing screen printing in my campus)

then i made some mirror effect on it

then make kaleidoscope effect as well!

i love it! you should try!


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

First Experiment


Last week i'm doing my first digital printing on fabric! i was too excited!
the first pattern which i want to print is my Sumba pattern..

those are the famous sumba horse,
and here are the step of digital printing in my campus..

yeses it's done!!
these are mine, candy's and lan's..
but actually i didn't like the colour! hahaha
i think the colour were reduce because of the fabric..

but it's fine, i like it! but must try again next time
and it must be perfecto! :D



Sunday, November 10, 2013


It's a totally British-handmade jewellery created by British-duo designers,
Harriet Vine & Rosie Wolfenden..

I'm really excited about their product since i knew that they had collaborated with Christian Joy,
to make some stage costume for KAREN O!
Really inspiring! Wish i can combine my textile project with these material!
Those are my favourite collections of tatty devine so far..
Dinosaur Necklace £125.00 & Lobster GIANT Necklace £150.00
Since i haven't got a chance to visit their store in London,
but i have a good news! they open their pop-up store in Birmie!!!
So happpyyy! Even they just sell the customize bracelet and necklace..


Monday, November 4, 2013

Well Hello Again!!!

It's been a long time for me not to post anything in this blog, actually it's been a YEAR!! 

Well, hello again guys.. the reason why i'm back is, my lecture said i need to keep update with any social media, such as instagram, facebook, pinterest, twitter and BLOG! hahahah i need to post any kind of things that inspires me a lot, but mostly i used them as my diary LOL! like used to taking a pic of my favourite meals!
so now i have to behave polite a little bit..

But, i want you guys know that i'm living in Birmingham now, in United Kingdom!! Finally my dream come trueeeeee!!! (ALHAMDULILLAH).. I'm continue my study into master in this city! so exciting! i took MA of Textile Design! It's been 2 months that i stayed here.. so far i quite enjoy it, for this 2 month i already got many experience, had many new friends which came from different countries and different background also!
and especially met a lot of talented UK designers! So amazing! They were inspired me..

And it's been 2 month that i'm stayed verryyyy veryyyy far from home, far from my familyyyy and of course eki! :( it takes 18 hours by plane to travel from jakarta to birmingham.. so sad.. and i need to stay here for completely one year without going back to my hometown even it was a holiday..
but i think it all might be very worthed for my future of course! (amiiin..)

Wish me loads of luck guys!!

kiss kiss