Sunday, August 30, 2009

chit chat

yesterday, i had a reunion with my science class friends when i was in highschool. it held in tomodachi restaurant. we also had the breaking fast together. it's fun!!

AAAAAAA! you know whaaat! todaaay i woke up at 4 pm!! it sounds stupid, rite? ahuahuaahuaa so, after i'm breaking my fast, i went to mosque to teraweh hihi feel so awful today


Thursday, August 27, 2009

my fishyyy submarine in action!!

bali, 23-28 july 2009

finnaly it's a wrap! haha yes, it takes one month to earn my money then print these photos from my yellow fisheye camera, hihihi if you wanna see all, you can catch it on my facebook :)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

coming soon list

1. Taking Woodstock : the PSYCHEDELIC movie!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!
2. Where The Wild Things Are : based on children's picture book, written by Maurice Sendak, directed by Spike Jonze, and soundtracked by Karen O!! aaaaaaaaa!! cool collaboration!!!
3. Alice In Wonderland : i'm sure his (Tim Burton) gothic magic work will make the best of the best traditional tale movie!!!! auaauuauauauuaaaaa!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the NYLON book of music

she was primal institution/she was danger to herself- "mystery girl"
i'm driving my car too fast/with ecstatic music on- "violently happy"
if i'm so evil/then why are you satisfied?- "rodeo town"
when they put me six feet underground/will the big dad beautiful you be around?- "the moon"
wooow!! i can't stop to read this amazing book, these are some interesting pages from "nylon play" that i recommended!! it's talking about the icons of this music century, about their influence, about their awesome posters, and about their fans style! ahuahua i'm crazy for this book! it also about the biography of courtney love, nancy sinatra, fionna apple, M.I.A, kate bush, meg white and so many other girls musicians. :)

ehm, yo! yoo!! ma mama is in da house yo! hahahahha! yes this morning their plane just landed from jeddah, so me and my sister took them in the airport :) long time no see mom! ooh no! she bought me a lot of hersheys! hihi thanks mom

did my hair look like emo screamo shit fucking kids? HAHAHA

Monday, August 24, 2009

introducing palace players-mew

last night, i watched mtv and eng ing engg!! they played "introducing palace player" by MEW!! wwuooooo!! i love this song! then i searched it on youtube and i captured it and put the lyrics on it, so i can sharing with you hihii or are you too excited want to watch it? just click HERE :) enjoy it guys! hehe

today is monday, and i still don't know what to do. so i went to aksara kemang, read some childrens storybooks and go around kemang. this awkward short trip was called "ngabuburit" hahahaha


Sunday, August 23, 2009

happy birthday big bro!!

happy birthday!! :D wish you all the best! and wish you'll get married soon hahahaha!! (amiinn) sorry, it becouse i couldn't say it face to face with you, so i just edited your favoritos picture then pretend it taken by polaroid hehehehe. hope you like it. :D actually, today was totally bored. my mom, dad and my brother are still umroh, then my sister is hang out with her boyfriend. so i don't know what to do, and i still miss my mom :(

Saturday, August 22, 2009

fasting + encounter class!!

today is the first day of fasting and i had an encounter class at 3 until 4 pm! huouh it makes me stress aloud. but, alhamdulillah i did it very well. sophie was a beautiful, nice and calm teacher. she's from australia. thank you sophie, you makes me feel confident while i'm doing that oral test. so that i can continue to the next unit! horeee :)

and when magrib comes, it's time to break fasting! wohooo!! suddenly my cousins came to my house, and we break the fasting together. :) and we eat ice cream together too hihihi
(kakiya, kakyana, asa, kak deni, renzie, dinta, me)


Friday, August 21, 2009

mom, i miss you..

oke i just got back from TKH (temu keakraban himpunan). it is an event for the new student in my campus. huah i feel so tired and dirty hahaha and when i got home last night, i forgot that my mom, dad and my big brother were went for umroh for 9 days! huhu i really miss my mom!! :'(

Monday, August 17, 2009

merah putih

it's time to TKH (Temu Keakraban Himpunan)!!
see you again in 4 days! :D

happy independence day everyone!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

do you take your shoes off while driving?

YES, I DO! hahaa
yesterday my friend told me, while you are driving and then you take your shoes off, you would get a serious diseases. i forgot what's the viruses name. but the most important is the virus is too dangerous and sometimes must get surgery. uuoow when i heard it, i was shocked! haha i was the one that would take off my shoes while driving hihi. okee, starts today, i'll still wore my shoes :)

i captured those image while i got stuck in jam! huaah

Thursday, August 13, 2009

the curious incident of the dog

i have no idea what i'm gonna do with my holiday, i usually go to campus to have a meeting with my friends or go to wallstreet. but it kinda boring right? while i must learn more about my english pronunciation, so i tried to read this book. :)

hihi this book was sooooo great, it's about a kid, his name is christopher. he is an autistic kid. he likes math. he live with his father, his mother died 2 years ago becouse heart attack. he has a pet, it is a rat haha. he name it toby.

ehm. this story began when wellington dead, wellington is Mrs. Shears's dog. Mrs. Shears is his neighbour. he loves dog. so he want to know who killed wellington. and he do some detective work. hehe does it sound exciting yet? gehehhee sorry, i can't tell you the whole the story. it's funny, sometimes sad, but overall, it's awesome. :D

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

are you drunk ??

"ini lagu buat siapapun yang nyakitin gue.. siapapun!"

ehm oke, that picture i took from marshanda official's channel on youtube,
what's wrong with you marshanda? haha at first when i saw that video, i laughed out loud but when i saw all the video which is there was 40 video, i think she's going little bit insane. but seriously.. come on marshanda, you are an actresses. you should delete those video. what will you do if it play on insert (informasi selebriti)? ahauhauhauhauhauaaa

if you too curious about it, click : marshandaofficial's channel
oucchh! it's already deleted! ahuahauhauhuaaa!!

"groove.. i'm groove men!" HAHAHAA

Monday, August 10, 2009

am i ?

miss that time?
miss that place?
miss that moment?

last night i just watched mew concert in java rockinland! ahauhauaa that was cool!! arrggghhhhhh! the performance was so great! and the visual art of the background was also greaaattt! huah! it closed with "comforting sound" after they played in 1 hour! aaaaaah! i feel like dreaming!

and when i saw third eye blind performances, then came a fireworks!!! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! can you imagine that? it really feel like a woodstock! hahhaaa

oke, the pictures coming soon! becouse i didn't bring my digicam, i only bring my yellow fisheye camera hihi

Thursday, August 6, 2009

i'm alexander supertramp!

okee, this is another my movie review :) maybe all of you has watch this movie, yeah i already watch this movie more than 2 times (again) hihi it's about an adventures of a kid who left his family, left his career, and anything else to feel an ultimate freedom in alaska. it's a true story! i like the quotes too, like this..
"how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong.. but to feel strong"
"some people feel like they don't deserve love. they walk away quietly into empty spaces, trying to close the gaps of the past"
aww, cool isn't it? hihi this movie cheers me up! :) goodnight everybody!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

always never enough

you try to motivate me?
uuh it doesn't work!!
you know what?
come here, listen carefully..
i did my best!
i just want you say a little congrats for me
that's it.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

you are super cupcakes!

this is for you,
the sweetest thing in my life.
take it, would you?


Monday, August 3, 2009

incredible book!

look what they gave me!! a heartwarming pop-up book!! my big brother and my sister gave me this for my birthday present! aaaah thankyouu! mwah!
i love this book so much! every time i go to aksara, i always read this book hihi. uuhh aren't they cute? it's only six pages!! i have it now!! horeeeeee!
i wish someday i can make my own pop-up book :p