Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Holiday Project with mommaaaa!

Because of i don't know what to do during my loooong holiday,
so while i'm skyping with my mom, suddenly she come up with an idea to make some project!
actuallyyy, she found this idea a long time ago, its like before i go to birmingham,
but i don't have much time to do this.. soooo finally i can do it now! yeiyy!

This is the sneak peak!
first, i'll draw several girl with different kind of style and clothes,
(even i made a mermaid and fox!). After that, i'll contact the famous print company in Indonesia,
then choose the fabric and decide what size that i want, then send the file by email
or wetransfer (if its too big). And voila! the fabric with the picture that i draw were done
for only 2 days and they will send directly to my home in Jakarta!

Wait, it's not done yet..
after it deliver to my mom.. she will do something magical with her hand..
she will sew it then make a doll of each picture! of each person!!

miss you mamaaaa :)

*i'll tell you guys if its done

Monday, December 23, 2013

Scotland trip!

Happy holiday for all of you people!!

I'm so excited to share my photos of my trip this holiday!
I just back from Scotland! i went visits Edinburgh and Glasgow for 4 nights

i love Edinburgh most rather than Glasgow, :p
it an old town full of historic area and buildings! lovely!