Wednesday, September 9, 2009

tony, sid, cass, chelle, jal, christ..

well, got finished to watch this serial tv teen drama (season 1 & 2) hihi. it's about the europen's wild live kids, they grew up in Bristol (South West England), near London i guess. and they studied in the same highschool. hmm yup, it tells about their friendship, their complicated love story, spliff, wanka, fight, party, party again then party again and haha i really enjoyed when i watch it :D. even they always put the *fucking* word in the middle of their british sleng hahaha ooh! the best of the best part is the last scene of season 2!! aaaaaa you must watch thisss!! and it has a really good fucking soundtrack too haha! (psst. i gave you the opening credits of season 2 hihi enjot it!)

my favorite cast is cassie, she's thin, she's blond, she said "Wow" a lot. haha and she also dressed up all the time :) and my favorite couple are sid and cassie.

emm i think if you wanna watch this, do not watch this with your mom or dad hahahha becouse it's a little bit shag i think hihii and always keep the remote control always beside you :p

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Pratama Robin Risel said...

wowowowo gua jadi pengen nonton juga,wihi

fika said...

iih emg harus ditonton! hahahaha :)

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