Wednesday, December 23, 2009

just keep swimming

you can press the "play" button on my mini tv to hear my holiday playlist :)

yeiy! my holiday's start from today! horaaayyy!!
sooooooo, i have so much time to post everything i do on this holiday! :D

look i found that pict, it called ipool! haha
becouse of that, i want to swim!! the weather is so hot today,
i wish i have an application on my phone that can give me a magic pool
then it will appear in my backyard hahahaa

hmmm, i'm very excited to welcoming my holiday,
but today i don't even know what i'm going to do huah.
hmmm, i'll whisper you something..
come here, come closer..
"i already miss you, come back soon!!" :p

oh i forgot! tonight i'm gonna come to a Christmast Shopping Madness!
wohooooooo! i can't wait!!


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Anonymous said...

waa lucu banget foto iphone nya :D

fika said...

haha iyaah jd pengen berenang yah

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