Sunday, May 23, 2010

princess no.16

soorry i couldn't join your surprise party,
but thanks for the night,
hope you like the oreo cupcakes that i've made (HAHA)
and after you eat that, i wish you'll get a little fatter than before :p
happy birthday! god bless you, mwah!!


3 oraculars:

putridungu said...

YOU MADE THE OREO CUPCAKES?OH DEAR I 100% TRUST YOU!HAHAHAHAHA.. thankkk you for everythingggggg i love youuuuu my darling mmuuahhhhh

fika said...

you're welcomeeeeeee, loph you too! mwah!

Andrez said...

Wondering.. If I can taste that Oreo cupcakes

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