Friday, July 9, 2010

far away from you

wow wish i had a time machine!
its about 4/5 months ago rite?
remember when i go with my dad plus my sister to brisbane?
10 last days that i thought that i would never met her again for 18 months?
BUT NOW, YESS NOWW!! she's coming to town! HAHAHA
she's in holiday, just like me. hmmm time goes so fast,
look! look my hair! hahaha should i cut my hair again? :p
or should i let it grow? so if you see me, you would ask like this:
are you fika or zooey deschanel? HAHAA

how about this sweet summer?
hmm still dont know.. despite of this short term,
arrgghhh only once in a week!! can you imagine?
and its about art history of indonesia, zzz

but, a few days ago i went to anyer with eki uun & arum, (will show the picture later)
only one day and its quite fun, we finally seeing and smelling the beach, :p
then in a couple days, we (DKV Binus) will held a big event in kemang,
it called PRAGAMANA KARYA, every year we did this event,
the event would take 5 days long, that would be great right?
so come on, lets participate!!
i'll show the official poster later, on my next post!
see yaaaaaaaa!


2 oraculars:

putridungu said...

well,i would never ever thought that you're zooey deschanel!ahahahahahhahaa

fika said...

HAHAHAHA you just didnt realize it dude

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