Friday, August 20, 2010

(the season finale)

talking about my portfolio,
its that oke to share my pre final project to you?
hehehe :p

just like i posted before, actually a few months ago
that i've just made a poster MASA KINI UNTUK MASA DEPAN,
its about some kind of promo for GNOTA (Gerakan Nasional Orang Tua Asuh)
so i made some fashion product for teenager to help them,
and here's the items..

the display in my class

t-shirt and ponco are the main items

me and eki become a model for the magazine ad,
it appears on the rolling stone and gogirl! :p

man and woman shoes include the packaging

also had collabo with rubi watch HAHAA

and the inspiratonal sticker :)

finally its done after had many ache in 6 months haha

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