Wednesday, December 1, 2010

once upon a time..

there's a place called GALAKTIKA,
first impression about this building is, such a colorfull place,
it must have been a place for spa karaoke or night pool or something hahaha
but suddenly, one day, on 30 of august, i came down through the 2nd floor
met these people, the people who had different skill but had one mission.
wanna know who are they??


mas miko, mas erry, mas aryo, mba windi, teteh, mba nina,
mba syane, mba wulan, mba hani, mas ade, pak bagyo, neng, nuri, afdhal & irfan!!


thanks for this 3 months! tough plus worthed months actually!
thanks for letting me know and teaching me many things about everything,
i'm really sorry if i made a mistakes then please forgive me for
sometimes i hardly can understand the CO that you all had gave me
then made the projects more slower becouse of me hehee

thank you for everything guys!
its seems like its time for me to say goodbye to fortune advertising indonesia
then return my reality journey, wish me luck for the next semester!


4 oraculars:

afdhol the flamboyant boy said...

ohh my god im very impress with fika uouo. sori nih choy inggris gua masih iqro 1 so i write in bahasa jae. set choy saik neber dah buatan lo! tp choy lo kudu bikin 1 halaman nge bhs ttg gua dan bahasa gua yg saik bais itu. hahahaa. yaude gua tunggu choy kl due lulus disokin. good luck fik! (hah apa dhal?)

fika said...

HEHEHEHEHEHEHOUOUOUOO oke deh kak afdhol! haha makasi loh, good luck jg buat per flamboyant lo di kantor :p

nurinurnuri said...

LO nyah masupin efbi dong pik, biar bisa sombong!

fika said...

hihihihihi sedang dalam proses meng unduh ke fb nih mba nuri :D

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