Wednesday, January 12, 2011


a few weeks ago, i was thinking of caring some marine fish,
too much watching finding nemo and natgeo makes me want to have them.
until last saturday, me and eki went to fish market, we are too excited
and finally bought some, so here they are..

first, we have this neon colorful fish with the pattern around the body,
the sales told us, its a batik pattern (really?) haha
love the color, wish it glow in the dark

second, we have two sea horses, they had different colors, yellow & orange.
the yellow one you can call it toyor, it becouse he more attractive than the orange haha

then, the tiny black solid fish called eki, hehehe
haloo eki, be nice!

and the last was clownfish, the most famous fish in the world.
everyone called it nemo, :D

hihi how gorgeous they are, i love them!
hopefully they like me & hopefully they healthy!
please dont die guys, be still..

well actually i had sea anemone, but it died yesterday. :(
sea anemone used to be the house for clownfish, nemo likes playing with it
the color was not so pinky, can you imagine how cute is that?
huhu but i lost it, i'm so sorry anemone, didn't mean to hurt you, really..


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