Sunday, August 14, 2011

Splendour in the grass 2011

then this is the best part guys!
im seriously attending this event! aaaaaaa! :D:D

29, 30, 31 JULY 2011
3 days no shower
3 days freezing like hell
3 days wearing gum boots
but more than 90 bands playin all day
and i see chris martin's face live on stage!

here's the ticket,
there was the kids club inside, playground for the babies if
their parents too much having fun watch the concert, aaa cute!
my sisteeeewwwrrrrr
on the first day, the kills were playing, with the coolest girl in the world
alison mosshart :p
then came up kanye west with the dancers,
look i took this from the hills, why there so many people watch him? -_-
the second day, there was architecture in helsinki!!
i love it!!! it ended with ESCAPEE!! hihihi
KELEEE! i like him!!
he playin block party's soooonggggg!
hihi this is Yelle! i like this one too,
especially her drummer and keyboardist :p
it called, Tipi Forest
sooooo hipiiieesss and so are they
there also Pulp,
actually i only know disco 2000 and common people..
but jarvis really stunning!
and the last day, coldplay!
hahahhaha hello tiny chris :D
and its over..
lets go packing and back to brisbane
A W E S O M E !

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