Monday, November 4, 2013

Well Hello Again!!!

It's been a long time for me not to post anything in this blog, actually it's been a YEAR!! 

Well, hello again guys.. the reason why i'm back is, my lecture said i need to keep update with any social media, such as instagram, facebook, pinterest, twitter and BLOG! hahahah i need to post any kind of things that inspires me a lot, but mostly i used them as my diary LOL! like used to taking a pic of my favourite meals!
so now i have to behave polite a little bit..

But, i want you guys know that i'm living in Birmingham now, in United Kingdom!! Finally my dream come trueeeeee!!! (ALHAMDULILLAH).. I'm continue my study into master in this city! so exciting! i took MA of Textile Design! It's been 2 months that i stayed here.. so far i quite enjoy it, for this 2 month i already got many experience, had many new friends which came from different countries and different background also!
and especially met a lot of talented UK designers! So amazing! They were inspired me..

And it's been 2 month that i'm stayed verryyyy veryyyy far from home, far from my familyyyy and of course eki! :( it takes 18 hours by plane to travel from jakarta to birmingham.. so sad.. and i need to stay here for completely one year without going back to my hometown even it was a holiday..
but i think it all might be very worthed for my future of course! (amiiin..)

Wish me loads of luck guys!!

kiss kiss

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dulda said...

You should come visit me and then you can post a map here and finally know where it is! hahaa

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