Sunday, November 1, 2009

creepy night

(the invitation)

last night was 31st of octoberr, yess it's Halloweennnn!! it's a pumpkin day!! woohooooo! wallstreet institute had an student party in Indochine fx, it's a big big student party, becouse all of the wallstreet student came, from Pondok Indah, LaPiazza and Ratu Plaza. so me and my friends join that party. hahahahhahaa! and it had a dresscode! we must wear a creepy costumes, hihi after doing some research, then i have an idea like this..

hahahaa yeah i'm Tim Burton's big fans, so that night i dressed like his wife (Helena Bonham) haha she always dresses like that, with her messy hair, mean face, and an awkward dresses hihi
so if anyone asked me, "who are you?" then i'm gonna answered, "i'm Tim Burton's wife" HAHAHAAA

here it is the pictures of that creepy nite..
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feel a little bit refreshing and escape from my (ass)ignment hahaa
have a nice weekend guys! :D


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