Wednesday, October 28, 2009

weekdays war!!

my friend (fawwaz) had asked me to help him to design a t-shirt, he gave a lot of picture that he found then he want me to path them and put it into the template. he planned to sell it on kaskus. and after a few months, it had a good responses and finally it sold! yipiiyeiy!
and look! he gave me FREEE! hahaha thanks man!! :)

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auuhhh this semester really makes me wannaaa die! help me!
i really need a sweet escapeee!! hahahhahhahahhaa


2 oraculars:

nadnad said...

no you don't need a sweet escape, all you need is a sweet boyfriend! *ya kan ya kan ya kan? pink pink*

fika said...

yupp!! youu riitteeee men! haha

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