Sunday, January 24, 2010


after had a hardly can't wait, couse it won't appear in cinemas until now,
then i think, arrrrrrrggghhhhhhh, okeee i should watch that mymostwanted now!
wake up! this is one of your coming soon list from 5 months ago fikaaaaaaa!!
many people that i knew has watch it,
and of course the dvd become overloaded in many places. hm

so, i told eki..
"eki! let's go agogo!! :D"

*2 hours later*

i love all the monster character!
(carol, ira, alexander, kw, the bull and douglas, except judith hihi)
i love max's story that he told to his mother under the table in the middle of the night!
i love the two odd owl, kw's friends!!
i love the king of the wild things!
i love all the songs!!
i love the wild rumpus!
i love max's wolf suit!
i love max's igloo!
i love max records!!!!!!! :p

i've given this to the movie
and this to SPIKE JONZE!!

hahahahahaha :p

my favorite part is when douglas the rooster-feathered said like this,

then max answered,


this are the wild thing characters,

and my favorite quote is when judith said this,

feel overjoyed after saw that artsy-crafty movie,
it's a wrap!!! wohooooooooo!!

thanks eki!!! love you!


4 oraculars:

eki said...

twice! continously! hahahahaha
besok where the bla bla 2 yuk fik.
love you too. punch!

fika said...

yuk, canggih jg yah om jon ckckckc
hehehe :p

Lilee▲ said...

hahah your blog is rad!

fika said...

:D thanks Lilee▲

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