Saturday, January 16, 2010



look! she made it!!!!
she's well known as the designer Yeah Yeah Yeah's Karen O's crazy costumes!!
after this American designer read the book, then got inspiration from it,
she created the monster suit based of Wild Things and Max.

this is the store,
aheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaheaehaehaeaa!! :S

haaaaaah! give her standing applause please everyone!!!
plok plok plookkkk!!

hihi sorryyyyyyy,
i still adore anything that related with Where The Blalalaaa thing :p
until now i haven't watch the movie yet, even my sister has already bought the dvd,
ki, we'll watch where the blalalalaa together rite? :) mwahh!!

oh this is my favoritessss!! yesss, christian joy has made it too,
such a fantastic duo!!

karen O (her favorite model)
you can visit her web.

have a nice weekend everyone!
tomorrow i'll go to Bandung! horeeeehoreee!
in the middle of this hectic ballgame of this shit assignment
i really need energizing my mood and my brain,
so, the first thing that i'm gonna do when i got there is.....
doing namaste position at the rooftop

see youuuuuuuu!!


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eki said...

where the bla bla
oke, lets go!

fika said...

let's go!

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