Friday, March 12, 2010

the noble savage

hmm, can't stop listening this song!!!
it's the noble savage from the trees and the wild.
i hope i can watch them in bandung on 20 march next week!
with camera obscura, and also efek rumah kaca!!
aaaaa can't wait!!!! :)
see you in bandung!!

hey hey you know what!!!! now i'm in UPPERWAYSTAGE 3!
wohooooo! finally i pass my exam into the next level!
i wish i had a better grammar and good pronounciation in english,
thanks eva, you're soooooooooooooo kind.
even sometimes i don't understand with your australian accent :p

ohya, tomorrow we (me and eki) had a plan to go to brightspotmarket!
in pacific place, wuhuuyy! horeeeeeeeeeee
it seems that we're spending a lot of time in there hehe,

have a great weekend guys!
aah how i love weekend so much!


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