Saturday, March 27, 2010

one colorful week

got a bit busy this week,
look i've been go to bandung twice in a week! hahahahaha,
instead of this holiday for job expo thing in my campus,
so i decided to have a little fun with some of my friends,

first, i watched festive sounds in sabuga bandung,
there's a lot of cool bands performing,
but i only watched sore and camera obscura. haha
we stayed one night in my house,
yeah of course i met my big brother!!
feel glad after meet him, :D

then, the other day.
i met my precious bestfriends from highschool!
minus putsains, aargh why you always can't join with us?
zzzz btw, goodluck for your exams put! :D

and then, go to bandung again!! haha
just for one day, :)
it's fun, thanks eki, rika, kenzo.

to end this colorful week,
tomorrow i'll attend sound sations!!

actually, i really want to see festival balon udara in sentul.
but for some reasons i can't, but it's okay
tomorrow i'll see erlend oye playing guitar and sing live! hahaha
hehe, peace mom! start next week, i would stay at home nicely :D


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