Saturday, April 10, 2010


those pictures happened on thursday after finishing dkv's class,
and then we had a non stop shopping and eating day!
ouh we did stop once, we cought by cops! haha
after that, we had a greatest view in monas!!! that's rite, ai dit? HAHA
then, i found amazing black blazer in pasar baru, i'll show you sometimes :p
hm the last but not least, i eat a lot pizzaaaaaaa!! hahahehehoho

these polaroid things came from my phone, another application that made
any photos looks like polaroid, you just captured it, then choose the frame,
then shake it and it will appear like that.
you should try it!


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Dindie said...

teleponmu apaan sih fika..kok kayaknya aplikasinya bagus-bagus amat...hihihi jadi iriiiii

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