Sunday, April 18, 2010

oracular spectacular or congratulations?

as you can see, the header on my blog was type "oracular spectacular" rite?
this 2 men really inspired me when i made this blog, it was the title of their first album.
yess they are MGMT!
and now, they had released their latests album, it called "congratulations".
so, what do you think? should i change this header? hahaha :p

well folks, i wanna share this video for you, this is their first single,
FLASH DELIRIUM! haha the title remind me of one my project for this midterm zzzz.
but, i love love love this song! really!
you can check on my itunes, the playcount on this song was about 50 something,
i just download this song hm 2 weeks ago hihihihihi.

so come on follow me,
come here, come closer,
sit down, fasten your seatbelt,
first, you must click the "play" button,
make sure the buffering was totally complete,
then carefully watch this spectacuwwwlawwwr attractive video,
hear every absurd words of their lyrics,
see every little thing what andrew vanmyngarden do,
do not click pause before you reach 04:23,


how? cool rite?
i knew it, i knew it! i knew you would like it!!
yeiiyy! give me five! HAHAHA
oke, see you soon folks!
wish me luck for ths midterm!!!


4 oraculars:

eki said...

hmm ini dia. hahaha. akhirnya.
hmmm, update dong tuh oracular spectacularnyaa jadi congratulations, apa bikin baru aja? hahaha

fika said...

akhirnya ada internet yah ki? haha
klo mau bikin baru, bikiin oracular spectacular 2 aja hahahaha

eki said...

hahaha, iya akhirnya punya internet.
ngga ah, minder sama oracular spectacular 1 nya. hahaha

fika said...

oracular spectacular 1 nya cupu kok haha

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