Monday, April 5, 2010


haaii, just back from my little journey with my parents.
like i told you before, i would go to the city which i used to eat a lot of food with them,
actually i'm the driver for this trip,
i drove from jakarta to bandung then the next day, bandung to jakarta, haha
hopefully there's no jam on a free way.
so easier for me to driving while listening the cd that i made last night :p

look, that was my dad,
he is too addicted with his stuff lately (the gadget that we all know what it is)
he captured everything, anytime, anywhere that he saw or he did,
then he put it or upload it on that messanger.
so everyone knows, (???)
even my mom did it too,


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dindie said...

hahaha si om canggih abis.

fika said...


Nad said...

ini dimana cynnn?

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