Monday, August 3, 2009

incredible book!

look what they gave me!! a heartwarming pop-up book!! my big brother and my sister gave me this for my birthday present! aaaah thankyouu! mwah!
i love this book so much! every time i go to aksara, i always read this book hihi. uuhh aren't they cute? it's only six pages!! i have it now!! horeeeeee!
i wish someday i can make my own pop-up book :p

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Anonymous said...

heartwarming pop-up book thanks to shearing this book

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Fika Natahadibrata said...

ur welcomee :))

Raden Felix said...

Hi there,

Where did ur siblings buy the book? I really want to buy that kind of books...

fika natahadibrata said...

maybe, you can find it at aksara :)

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