Wednesday, August 12, 2009

are you drunk ??

"ini lagu buat siapapun yang nyakitin gue.. siapapun!"

ehm oke, that picture i took from marshanda official's channel on youtube,
what's wrong with you marshanda? haha at first when i saw that video, i laughed out loud but when i saw all the video which is there was 40 video, i think she's going little bit insane. but seriously.. come on marshanda, you are an actresses. you should delete those video. what will you do if it play on insert (informasi selebriti)? ahauhauhauhauhauaaa

if you too curious about it, click : marshandaofficial's channel
oucchh! it's already deleted! ahuahauhauhuaaa!!

"groove.. i'm groove men!" HAHAHAA

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I WATCHEDDD ITTTTT gosh hahah but i only watched 2 videos. pity me. but she's crazy! haha i hate her even more!

Fika Natahadibrata said...

ahahhahha she's totally freaaakkk hahahhahahha!!

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