Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the NYLON book of music

she was primal institution/she was danger to herself- "mystery girl"
i'm driving my car too fast/with ecstatic music on- "violently happy"
if i'm so evil/then why are you satisfied?- "rodeo town"
when they put me six feet underground/will the big dad beautiful you be around?- "the moon"
wooow!! i can't stop to read this amazing book, these are some interesting pages from "nylon play" that i recommended!! it's talking about the icons of this music century, about their influence, about their awesome posters, and about their fans style! ahuahua i'm crazy for this book! it also about the biography of courtney love, nancy sinatra, fionna apple, M.I.A, kate bush, meg white and so many other girls musicians. :)

ehm, yo! yoo!! ma mama is in da house yo! hahahahha! yes this morning their plane just landed from jeddah, so me and my sister took them in the airport :) long time no see mom! ooh no! she bought me a lot of hersheys! hihi thanks mom

did my hair look like emo screamo shit fucking kids? HAHAHA

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