Thursday, August 13, 2009

the curious incident of the dog

i have no idea what i'm gonna do with my holiday, i usually go to campus to have a meeting with my friends or go to wallstreet. but it kinda boring right? while i must learn more about my english pronunciation, so i tried to read this book. :)

hihi this book was sooooo great, it's about a kid, his name is christopher. he is an autistic kid. he likes math. he live with his father, his mother died 2 years ago becouse heart attack. he has a pet, it is a rat haha. he name it toby.

ehm. this story began when wellington dead, wellington is Mrs. Shears's dog. Mrs. Shears is his neighbour. he loves dog. so he want to know who killed wellington. and he do some detective work. hehe does it sound exciting yet? gehehhee sorry, i can't tell you the whole the story. it's funny, sometimes sad, but overall, it's awesome. :D

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