Monday, October 12, 2009

boom water boom

with mirta, sabrina, udit, aii, ijah,gita & ira

last friday, i really really had a great time with my class mate, we went to Waterboom Cikarang. ahahha yess it's takes a long time. and you know what? we arrived at 4 pm and it closed at 6 pm! HAHAHA stupid rite! hahaa but it was fun, plus my friend (udit) bring her waterproof digital camera! wihiiiiii and we took a lot of pict! :)

*i forgot to bought fujifilm/kodak to fill in my fishy yellow submarine :( shit!!

after that, we had a dinner at gita's house! hihi thankyouh gitaaaa! especially thanks to your mom!
she had cook a lot of tasty & deliciously food, nyummyyyy hehehee

and now, we have to get back to our reality life, i have so much assignments to do!
please, wish me loads of luck!! thanks! :)


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