Friday, October 23, 2009

enchanting bandung

we must do some research about Bandung for our next assignment. so last monday until tuesday we (me, gita, eki, udit & ijah) went to Bandung! hehe it's quite little fun, i think hahaha we also do an interview with people who lives in Bandung or in around west java then visit the historical place, like Gedung Sate, Gedung Merdeka. and then we also visit the Bandung Tourism Office. well, sounds boring rite? but yeaah it's okee hahahhaha

i hope we can make it well! AMIN! :)

ohyah, on tuesday before we went home, we go to Selasar Soenaryo to saw an exhibition.
it's a Agus Suwage's exhibition " Still crazy after all these years "
adore him :)


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