Friday, October 2, 2009

burn it all down

last night i had a very very very super duper most wanted dreams! it's the best dreams i've ever had! hahaha i really want that dreams come true! pleasee help me to make my dream come truee!!! :D

well anyway, i'm gonna miss my sister and my big brother :( my big brother will get married soon, happy for him but after his marriage, he and his wife will stay in bandung becouse of my brother work there. then my sist will continue her study. huh and yesssss it's hard for me too. seriously ;'( good luck guys!!
me miss you

this little giraffe is my graphic computer's project when i was in semester 1 hihi. i love giraffe and i named it is a superstar giraffe, becouse he has a a lot of stars motif oh his body hehe and he always with me when i got stuck in traffic :) ehehehee

ohyah! today was really cool! becouse we all wearing batik! today is batik day!! wihiii most of people in jakarta wearing batik, i wearing it too of course haha almost all of my friend on my campus wear it hihi. today,
jakarta is full of traditional pattern :D


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