Wednesday, October 28, 2009

weekdays war!!

my friend (fawwaz) had asked me to help him to design a t-shirt, he gave a lot of picture that he found then he want me to path them and put it into the template. he planned to sell it on kaskus. and after a few months, it had a good responses and finally it sold! yipiiyeiy!
and look! he gave me FREEE! hahaha thanks man!! :)

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auuhhh this semester really makes me wannaaa die! help me!
i really need a sweet escapeee!! hahahhahhahahhaa


Friday, October 23, 2009

enchanting bandung

we must do some research about Bandung for our next assignment. so last monday until tuesday we (me, gita, eki, udit & ijah) went to Bandung! hehe it's quite little fun, i think hahaha we also do an interview with people who lives in Bandung or in around west java then visit the historical place, like Gedung Sate, Gedung Merdeka. and then we also visit the Bandung Tourism Office. well, sounds boring rite? but yeaah it's okee hahahhaha

i hope we can make it well! AMIN! :)

ohyah, on tuesday before we went home, we go to Selasar Soenaryo to saw an exhibition.
it's a Agus Suwage's exhibition " Still crazy after all these years "
adore him :)


Friday, October 16, 2009

L O V E is a mystery

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already heard their soundtrack?
aaaah cute isn't it?

well, i've got this application from my phone.
it's about the promotion from one of my coming soon list!
it's fun, you can see all the characters,
you can play with Carol, you can hear all the soundtrack and many things.

i already showed you the poster rite?
i really fallin in love with this movie! really!
my friend told me that Obama likes this story too!! high five obama!! hihihii

one thing!
i'm not sure it will play on 21 cineplex or XXI in Indonesia!

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Monday, October 12, 2009

boom water boom

with mirta, sabrina, udit, aii, ijah,gita & ira

last friday, i really really had a great time with my class mate, we went to Waterboom Cikarang. ahahha yess it's takes a long time. and you know what? we arrived at 4 pm and it closed at 6 pm! HAHAHA stupid rite! hahaa but it was fun, plus my friend (udit) bring her waterproof digital camera! wihiiiiii and we took a lot of pict! :)

*i forgot to bought fujifilm/kodak to fill in my fishy yellow submarine :( shit!!

after that, we had a dinner at gita's house! hihi thankyouh gitaaaa! especially thanks to your mom!
she had cook a lot of tasty & deliciously food, nyummyyyy hehehee

and now, we have to get back to our reality life, i have so much assignments to do!
please, wish me loads of luck!! thanks! :)


Sunday, October 11, 2009

Modest Mouse - King Rat

directed and lyrics by Heath Ledger
the animation's by Noriss Houk and Jade Taglioli

this video inspired when Heath Ledger and Isaac Brock (from modest mouse) visiting Australia
and they saw the illegal whale hunt.

it was unfinished when Heath Ledger died in 2008, so The Masses completed this video.
take a look.

"No One's First and You're Next"


Saturday, October 3, 2009

higher and higher and higher..

let's sing together!!
(i wish i was real standing and watching their performance!! grrr)


Friday, October 2, 2009

burn it all down

last night i had a very very very super duper most wanted dreams! it's the best dreams i've ever had! hahaha i really want that dreams come true! pleasee help me to make my dream come truee!!! :D

well anyway, i'm gonna miss my sister and my big brother :( my big brother will get married soon, happy for him but after his marriage, he and his wife will stay in bandung becouse of my brother work there. then my sist will continue her study. huh and yesssss it's hard for me too. seriously ;'( good luck guys!!
me miss you

this little giraffe is my graphic computer's project when i was in semester 1 hihi. i love giraffe and i named it is a superstar giraffe, becouse he has a a lot of stars motif oh his body hehe and he always with me when i got stuck in traffic :) ehehehee

ohyah! today was really cool! becouse we all wearing batik! today is batik day!! wihiii most of people in jakarta wearing batik, i wearing it too of course haha almost all of my friend on my campus wear it hihi. today,
jakarta is full of traditional pattern :D